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Bubble Balloon Bouquet

Bubble Balloon Bouquet

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About this product - Bubble Balloon Bouquet


Bubble Balloon Bouquet   8 Super Shape Letter Foil Balloon size 31 to 33inches Helium Inflated 2 Super Shape Number Balloon size 31 to 33inches Helium Inflated  1 Balloon Base 5meter Horizontal  10 pcs. 11 inches Loose Balloon  1 Bunch of Balloon ( 10 pcs. 11inches Latex Balloon )   Terms and Conditions: * Air Filled balloons will last for 3 to 4 days  (indoor) and helium Balloons will last 10 to 12 hours , with float times depending on the conditions they kept in and how they are handled. We guarantee that your balloons will be delivered perfectly. * The quality of balloons will deteriorate in hot / humid conditions; color will change and size will deflate. Balloons also have the tendency to pop in hot weather condition. * Any stand used for decoration will be collected after the event. There will be an extra charge for lost stands.    


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